About Us

The Story

Morning. Black leather gloves. Ignition. Throttle. Wind, roaring past, taking your anxieties along with and filling it with the calming noise of rubber on asphalt and the reassuring vibration coming from the mufflers. Next comes precision, control, expert maneuvers, communion with the machine, and finally exhiliaration and the adrenaline puming through your veins. Alone, riding from the darkness straight into light and clarity.

The Brand

What we are passionate about is your well being. We are passionate about motor bikes and apparel too, but we want you to enjoy biking. We want you to commune with your machine, and most importantly, we want you to be happy. We want you in apparel you’re comfortable in. DRKSIED apparel that speaks your biking language.

At DRKSIED, we deliver comfort and functionality. Without the encumberence of multiple layers, we offer abrasive resistant denim made with the Dyneema® abrasive resistant technology. This makes the wears both comfortable and strong enough to handle the wear of biking. We provide apparel that can be used day and night, apparel that doesn’t get in teh way but rather enhances the biking experience. We want you to be cool, comfortable and happy.